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Winemaking at Eckert Estate Winery

Livermore Valley Michael Eckert came to the Livermore Valley in 1986 to raise horses. However, after an evening at a Winemaker's dinner Michael had a change of heart and planted Cabernet Sauvignon cuttings he obtained from a local winery. With his new vineyard and his enology course work from U.C. Davis, Michael was ready to make wine.

Pruning VineyardsFrom Vineyard to bottle the work is done by Michael and family with help from some dedicated high school friends.

Pruning vineyards in the late summer allows more sun to reach and ripen the grapes.

Michael and friends netting the vineyards.After pruning, covering the vines with netting will ensure grapes will become wine and not a feast for the birds.

Michael measuring the Brix in the grapes.Michael uses a refractometer to measure the Brix (fruit sugar) in the grapes. This instrument helps to determine the peak of ripeness and the right time to pick the grapes.

Mark and Jim crushing Zinfandel.With help from Michael's dedicated high school friends and family he is able to crush and press several tons of grapes each year.

Jim Davis labelling bottles.After the wine has been aged and bottled, Michael's friends help to label. Jim Davis comments, " It's a great way for us to get together and stay in touch."

Vickie  Eckert pouring wine.Once all this hard work is done, come the fruits of the labor.

Vickie Eckert pours wine in the tasting room for visitors.


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